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September 15, 2012, 15:00: "I remain a slave or free will?"

September 15, 2012, 15:00: "I remain a slave or free will?"

Our generation has heard about the funeral, and Stalin, and stood in line for bread under Khrushchev after getting virgin. We promised to build Communism under Brezhnev, but somehow quickly ended 1980 Olympics. The five-year restructuring Gorbachev coup was completed in 1991. Under Yeltsin, acquired all generations was assigned to the closest to the big family. And he appointed the heir himself. And it seems that it was not wrong.
It has been 12 years, we are now waiting like manna from heaven, the 2014 Olympics, the World Cup in 2018
But somehow hard to remember desert Moscow summer of 1980: a walk down the street armed (for the first time in my life) police tsokaya padded shoes. We, as guests of the Olympiad, travel only on designated buses. The remaining residents in Moscow - at the funeral of Vysotsky, about which no newspaper or radio are not reported. The last days of the Olympics, the aircraft disperse storm clouds over Moscow, lightning flashed in the suburbs. Everyone is waiting for some kind of provocation during the boycott the Olympics. Sad Bear over the stadium finally let a tear, "All cry ...". We won the Olympics, we are the winners - it is not clear who won? Why should we then needed in Afghanistan, where more than 10,000 have left the lives of our countrymen? Why needed boycott the next Olympics in the U.S.? Sadly it all ...
Us now try to split on any valid and improper grounds: religious, national, political, property ... They say it's easier to manage, now relying on a single layer against the other, and tomorrow outsource. This has already happened. We have long been given the right to decide for us. We kind of wonder for us when deciding whom to hand over 'legacy'. Now also successfully pass any decision of his successor.
Soon to be his sixtieth year, and even he, in a strange way, considers himself a "slave in the galleys." I just wanted to know who, and who had "slave owner"?
Perhaps, on this day, September 15, 2012, at 15.00, to express their emotions in 15 seconds, think about 15 minutes, and for the next 15 days will vote for themselves and honest with yourself:
So, what are we now?
Can we for a moment to think about their future:
Or I for any decision for us by others (ie, were the slave);
• Or our lives I will define myself.

OR - , OR +. As in mathematics, "Third we can not."
Share with your vote with relatives, friends, acquaintances, people respected you. Find out the real state of affairs in our country and decide for yourself - it will be known and for others. Thought is material.
Be honest, with himself as "in the spirit." And if Russia is really going on. If a good idea to take possession of us, then we will be able to unite and unify the world:
- Rapid Transit, for this we have the area;
- A single power grid, oil and gas transportation;
- Finally, we have a brain not yet flowed, and I'm sure pritekut.
And we will live, and the world will be safe!

Leonard Urals

Translated by Google

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