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Theoretical Psychology p.2.

Dear Dr Felix Berezin,
Thank you very much for sending me your positive answer and your consent to the discussion.
1. B: “From the very beginning, before the start of the debate would like to respond to your comment on the fact that "I can not accept the fact that psychology is taking its first steps. The current psychology is basically shaped our generation, and I allow myself to quote a phrase from the preface of the scientific editor of the third edition of MMIL Tatiana Barlas: "The Book" Technique of multi-personality study "gives us the opportunity to come into contact with things and ideas generation that created today's psychology. Generations it takes. Or is gone and will never return ... ".
I absolutely agree with the opinion of the scientific editor MMIL Tatiana Barlas, and just because you're standing at the origins of theoretical psychology. And not only in Russia. More on this thesis I backed to obtain a hard copy of your book, the order for which has already been accepted for execution

2. B: "... No method can not be based on direct questions and answers, which are expected to get these issues. The reasons are two. First, not everyone has a sufficient degree of introspection in order to be aware of their actions and the reasons for these actions. Second, when a direct question on the nature of the responses is greater than elsewhere, the influence of the installation. If the setting is firmly formed, then the person is not able to give an answer that contradicts its installation ... ".
With the second position of your comments on the impact of specific installations I have to disagree with you, because I spent too representative sample of academics agree with your statement. Very rarely reached great heights one can objectively evaluate themselves. Moreover, the same test has been relatively successful running of freshman shows a higher percentage of errors in the same groups of students who switched to the fifth course. This is the limitations of the studies based on the proposed variant tests.
For example, the tests do not work amongst the zombie group. More often than not, they respond very monotonous, and with additional conversation, they turn out to have been quite different before entered the group, such as network marketing.
3. The most difficult question: "... No method can not be based on direct questions and answers, which are expected to get these issues. The reasons are two. First, not everyone has a sufficient degree of introspection in order to be aware of their actions and the reasons for these actions ... ".
But with respect to the first reason I want to say.
The greatest merit of Carl Gustav Jung is that he first formulated the concept of basic psychological functions, which are fundamental in determining the psychological type.

This can be illustrated by the example of Mendel discovered the fundamental traits of pea differences: it is either smooth or wrinkled! Third, unfortunately, and to our surprise, is not given. And because these characteristics were basic, it was then concluded:
FUNDAMENTAL FOR EACH TAG meets the definition of GEN.
And, in order to distinguish from an introvert extrovert, of course, is possible, and on the classical test theory, you need to put a hundred questions to get the how-ever valid answer.
But the question can be formulated as the man himself would be able to answer unequivocally, smooth if  he  - feminine type of perceiving the world as it is. Or so formidable, decisive decision-making, not only for themselves but also for many others as well, Ivan the Terrible or revolutionary Robespierre. And here, too, unfortunately, there is no third, which, incidentally, had long known ancient Eastern philosophy of "Yin and Yang".
That's why I used a dichotomous algorithm in the design of the test! And believe me, it works not only for self-use test, and remotely, as I quote in the magazine is well documented.
They also you can check out in the open inter-laboratory tests and my tests on your version of the same objects of research, for example, you can start with a psychological portrait of Eldar Ryazanov http://leonardural.livejournal.com/70680.html, and a series of other portraits to choose from panelists.
4. Finally, your last question:
"... Also, I would like to clarify exactly what the three basic psychological law are obvious ...".
Answer: The obvious first law of psychology, which states in a simple way, in the words of the song "What was he - that was left ...".
And, if the scientific ...
The first law of psychology is as follows:
Individual's psychological system is stable and persists as long as it does not affect either the outer extreme conditions or internal incentive or destructive force.
This law is valid for isolated systems and respected and for open systems, where the strength of the external effects of the weak. It is fair to customary conditions, where there is no disasters.
Psychological space in which this law is enforced, can be called inertial, and the law - the law of inertia of psychological systems.
With regard to other laws - the next time ...
Theoretical psychology Part 1.: Http://leonardural.livejournal.com/193417.html
With respect and appreciation,

Leonard Ural

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