March 10th, 2013

Психологическая система

Something about your Psychological Space ...

Where or in what place are we?

It was not long after the completion of the project, but somehow it started to come new thoughts: On Time, On his space.
Something written down, and one entry has decided to share with you, my dear reader.

So, how to tell Learn, start with the myths about our psychological space.

The first myth. Our psychological space is limited to a few tens of centimeters (in the physical sense). And, unfortunately, it breaks every day commuting to work on public transport. Offered online security measures, such ezhisty Shoulder with thorns. But who knew that the one who wants to punch your space is not something like that will wear spiked authentic or meaner?
The second myth. Need to drive their own transport. But then you overtakes His Majesty Trade.

Your space and punched his car, on the street and at home. Will not discuss who is at fault, it is best examined with your space.
So, the dimension of our psychological space. For some people, it has zero dimension: the hermits who volunteer themselves doomed themselves to self-knowledge, or condemned to imprisonment in order to make you think of his behavior. They can not go beyond the limited physical space in order to psychological isolation from contact with other individuals. In the limit of psychological space of zero dimension - is communication
only with himself and his thoughts about someone and something ...

The one-dimensional psychological space enthusiasts know well the monotonous life. Home-work - one road, especially similar to the tram line, that's the way svernesh not at all desire.

Fans go to the left or to the right believe that life takes them more varied than the neighbor with his monotonous route. The first is almost certain that they are free, but their freedom is restricted to the plane of the possible routes of communication, and often hidden by surrounding them. This psychological space can be called two-dimensional or flat.

Truly free people find opportunity to communicate both on a physical level contacts, appointments, and to share information, experiences and
This is a truly three-dimensional psychological space for free communication between people.

And yet, the psychological space is calm, or inertial, which respects fundamental laws of psychology, or stormy, noninertial, which employs
the remaining four laws of psychology.

Now we can say that to you our psychological space is described as follows. It remains only to them skillfully exploited. Find out where and in what position we are in, and how to get out from there?

Good luck to you in your business, things happening only in your space!

Leonard Urals

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