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Today is - March 2, 22,013 years

Everyone lies calendars -
Folk wisdom

But where to find a calendar that would not lie? Maybe offer a?
Try to formulate the basic requirements for the calendar:
1. Be accurate and have a positive sign for the events of our time
2. Be clear and easy
3. Reflect the actual period of time
4. Preserve the history of our time
5. Be constant for the whole of our world

Trying not to hurt the feelings of many special, try to avoid criticism of the use of existing and calendars
We suggest the following procedure for calculating time and consider its consistency with the selected criteria.
1. We introduce just one extra digit 2 in a year time.
Then today is - March 2, 22,013 years.
According to the logic of the Gregorian calendar approximately 20 000 January 1, was born the Prophet Jesus Christ. The exact date of birth is specified so far.
All dates are Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Mayan, and others, recorded in the form of artifacts, civilizations have a positive sign.
2. Ease calendar is that there are still almost all the dates associated with the history of past and present events. Adding a single digit is practiced in many telephone networks while expanding their capabilities.
3. The new calendar reflects the real flow of time:
• The annual cycle is associated with a full revolution around the Sun, the Earth's axis relative to the stars - 365 days.
• a monthly duty cycle of 28 days is associated with the turnover of the Moon around the Earth.
• In the year of thirteen months, the last month - tridecember (tridekadecember or thirteen month).
• One day after July 28 - International Day of Peace, vacancy
4. The story of our time remains the same from year to year, clarification would require only a computer translation of dates associated with the
introduction of a new month.

5. World finally will get a permanent calendar, which will be refined in the future, only the duration of the Day of Peace in connection with the
removal of earth from the sun and the lengthening of the turnover time of the Earth around the Sun.

Leonard Urals

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